Ototoï . Marie Destandau

Ototoï music player

Otoplayer is a music player for music albums.
I originally co-designed it with Gregory Pignot and developed it in Actionscript (Flash Player) in 2008 for the website Ototoïmusic.
It is now available as a lightweight and accessible open source React component.


S-Paths is a visualisation tool producing path-based synthetic overviews to browse collections in Knowledge Graphs.
A matching algorithm compares the path outlines of the collection with the requirements of a set of views optimised to provide synthetic visualisations at various scales, and provides a default view to users.
Starting with an overview of a whole collection, it offers new synthetic views of the subsets as they refine their selection.

Path Outlines

Path Outlines is a visualisation tool to support data producers in browsing the statements that can be produced from their Knowledge Graph.
Based on coordinate views with two novel visualisations, the broken (out)lines and the path browser, it provides a path-based summary of a Knowledge Graph.

The Missing Path

The Missing Path is a visualisation tool to support data producers in identifying and analysing incompleteness in Knowledge Graphs.
It computes clusters with similar incomplete profiles on a map and lets them inspect and contextualize their statistical summaries. They gain insights on incompleteness and find strategies to identify coherent subsets to be fixed.