Ototoï . Marie Destandau

Path-Based Interactive Visual Exploration of Knowledge Graphs

My thesis, Path-Based Interactive Visual Exploration of Knowledge Graphs, was about finding semi-automatic visualisations, optimised for human understanding, to present collections of RDF Data.
My motivation was to address the problems users face when they need to access complex information.


Knowledge Graphs facilitate the pooling and sharing of information from different domains. They rely on small units of information named triples that can be combined to form higher-level statements. Producing interactive visual interfaces to explore collections in Knowledge Graphs is a complex problem, mostly unresolved. In this thesis, I introduce the concept of path outlines to encode aggregate information relative to a chain of triples. I demonstrate 3 applications of the concept withthe design and implementation of 3 open source tools. S-Paths lets users browse meaningful overviews of collections; Path Outlines supports data producers in browsing the statements thatcan be produced from their data; and The Missing Path supports data producers in analysingincompleteness in their data. I show that the concept not only supports interactive visual interfaces for Knowledge Graphs but also helps better their quality.


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